Every time I catch a glimpse of the Riverbank
piece in my office, it brings me some fulfillment. 
Working with Susi and Ryan allowed me to be
a designer and a craftsman - not just a customer.

Ian Chisholm
Senior Partner
The Roy Group Consultants

Just want you both to know that we love the meditation bench. It effortlessly creates a perfect posture for meditation every time...will be recommending this to patients!

Keep creating!
Dr. Craig Bentham

I still find myself standing in my kitchen, staring and marveling at that  beautiful piece of your work that now graces my home.  I can’t believe it took me so long to decide to engage you both to help me find the solution I needed.  Friends and family who have seen the table are full of complements and I think just a bit jealous.  I am simply still in awe of what a huge difference and improvement your work has introduced to my kitchen and home.  I am impressed by and thank you again for:
• Your talent
• Your technical expertise
• Your creativity
• Your combination of precision and artistic adventure in design
• Your warmth and humour
• Your ability to make old and abandoned things beautiful and appreciated again
• Your attention to detail (i.e. the dozens of questions you asked and the seemingly hundreds of photos you took)
• Your obvious love and enjoyment for the work you do together

I also want to thank you for not laughing out loud when you saw the original configuration and all the dust behind the various pieces of furniture that we moved.
I am so pleased with your work and I look forward to our next Riverbank Design collaboration!

All my best.
Shelley Sullivan