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Biography- Ryan McMillan

“Be considerate with the world around you”

RyanRyan spent six years as a commercial prawn and salmon fisherman on the coast of British Columbia visiting some of the most moving and inspirational areas of the province. His fishing adventures, training as a Marine Repair Technician and Yacht rigger, and his experimental approach to working with different materials give him a unique background for his wood work and design.

While Riverbank Design custom work took off, Ryan realized that there was also a great need for eco-friendly furniture at an affordable price.

Ryan’s answer came when he built his first queen sized bed out of 1 sheet of FSC Maple veneer plywood leaving no waste. This was his reply and the reply home product line was born.

Susi McMillan

“We are where we live.”

Susi McMillan Susi brings her background in modern European style to Riverbank Design.

Her passion to preserve, protect and actively support the health of herself and others inside their homes keeps her driven and enthusiastic about creating interiors with beauty, comfort and function.

Susi grew up near the banks of the Danube River in Bavaria, Germany. Being artistic since childhood, she took a turn into the fields of economics and marketing working passionately for 10 years managing events for the automobile company Audi AG. She developed a flair for interior design in the mounting of events, fairs and exhibitions.

Sensing that there was more to life than her work, she chose to explore her possibilities by taking a trip around the world. Not only did Susi reconnect to the artist within and become a steward of health and nature, she also fell in love with a certain fisherman from Nelson. This crossing of passions has brought two wonderful children and the birth of Riverbank Design.